Fragile One

We save ourselves for what we hope will come our way;

--that's wholesome, in hopes it will sustain us before we come undone.

But we cast our stones in a glass-blown world, that'll shatter and leave us torn apart. And I cannot stand to see you broken, and but a semblance of what I--

--Thought I would revel in the peace of knowing that the loss of who I was would let you continue to find yourself.

But it would not be the way I had planned to fit the pieces into a whole.

--Because when the ground has given away, there is nothing left for you to hold.

We're not safe.

We're not safe from ourselves.


When the words fade away, all that's left is the realization: there is no quicker way to regret; to what never seemed to be enough for--

All the things I thought that we would do. How could a fractured voice release the words that burrow in and flow like blood through you? Relinquish the belief that you're a--

Righteous one, your cheap charade is hollow, and you're all alone with the choice you made, wrong.

Our response is worthless, if it leads to none at all. And the things we covet are the things we throw away.

Was it you who had given up? Was it me who had let you down? Was it all for nothing if we never fought for--

All the things that we would never see come to pass, as we had hoped. 

But your darkened eyes showed who you're meant to be, and I can't--

Righteous one, you are not that at all. Your malcontent will be the way you fall.

You fall.

We're not safe.

We're not safe from all that is bad in us.

We're not safe from ourselves.

Everything Obsolete
Signal us. Our response are waves and sounds, that stagger forth and sputter out.

-- don't we all? 

And when we fall apart, I won't care to see what unfolds. 

And I feel and I see, and I know I'm not so useless.

I can still be --

Mannerisms & Misconceptions
In our fright, and in despair, we're far too lost to find our way home.

 So frail and weak, self-deposed and demeaning to every sense of sympathy. 

In silent company with sleep, I sit, awake and listening, but we're too blind to see; it's the source of every meaning: the more we change, the more we stay the same. 

And we weather pains together, causing the lines to tense and fray. 

Wait for another day that won't suffice. 

But if I hold on tight -- I will stay alive. 

I wait, but I still can't deny that I still believe. 

I still believe.

I still believe in the light.

Can't we start over? 

But it's so hard when we repeat over and over again. 

Over and over again. 

Can't we sleep to dream this time? 

We all will see: 

"Waste not, want not" my conscience says. And praying for some relief is all I'll ever have. 

"Waste not, want not" my conscience says. Waiting for some belief is all I'll ever have. 

Waste not, Want not.

Redemption Song
I know what comes and goes, alone and in the cold. 

I am what carries on.

I am what's come and gone. 

Please, I need to be in an all too-familiar place to hide.

And I try to show perspective, and to show my faces when I look into your eyes. 

And I know what's right and wrong. 

Amidst the lights, amidst the waves; "what have I become?" 

I am the only one, when all is said and done. 

Please, I need to be in an all too-familiar place to hide.

And I try to feign away, and beg forgiveness. 

But half truths are nothing but whole lies. 

Please. I need a place to hide. And I try. But my sins have swallowed all my pride.

You're Not Here
I recall what I once was.

I stray, and I push away, and I will lose myself within my own disguise. 

It was over from the start, in time, it'll fade away... 

I cannot find my, cannot find my -- 

But you're not here. 

And I hide, and I cry. And I still feel all those nights when you're by my side. 

Don't cry for me. I'd wipe your tears away. 

But I cannot find my, I cannot find my way to realize and see through the lie that we cannot find our way.

How long will it take for these eyes to finally see that love is only skin deep.

Try as I may to forgive you, my eyes are opened and I will finally see that -- 

This heart will ache no more for you, in vain.

I cannot find my, I cannot find my way to realize there isn't a lie.

We cannot find our way back home.

We're gone; lost within all of these things that we've become. 

Engulfed in this facade that we cannot call our own. 

Hold on to what once was, to everything that we know.

It's all wrong, it's all the same. It's all the same to me now. 

The tracks in the snow have faded away, and I find myself further from where I began. It's so far to go to find contentment. 

Carry, carry me all the way down.  You're not as broken as you have led on. 

The burden you are is the burden I know. And I'll take you with my as far as I go. 

We're all hollow homes built on sand, and broken bricks but with no control over the fault that could swallow us whole. 

What becomes of us when we can't fend for ourselves? 

I'm always wrong, I'm always ashamed. I wish I could just let this go. 

And when I look down and see all of my scars, who's to say who held the whip that left them all? 

I couldn't have known that these marks would turn beautiful all on their own. 

Carry, carry me all the way down. You're not as broken as you had led on. 

-- As you had led on. 

-- As I had led on. 

I'm not as broken as I had led on.

There's a lie flowing through our veins, and we fight just to keep it from showing all the truths laid upon our face, -- all the truths that are worthless and hollow. 

We've turned away from the prying eyes, although our own drift as equally careless.

And in the end, when it goes away our eyes remain in this motion, repeating... 

Let me find a way to breathe again, but it's so hard when the world caves in. 

Underneath it all we remain unseen, we are left behind, and we are forgotten. 

Like we're ghosts. 

It's a shame that my burdens must ease all the pain of an outcrying conscience.

But in the end when it goes away our eyes can see that it's starting all over. 

Show me how to speak, and tell me what to say. 

Because we are never cleaned of our dirty ways. 

And we cannot change what we are meant to be. 

Because when love comes undone, we are all erased. 

We are ghosts.

The Night Sky In Grayscale
It's so hard to see you now, between ill thoughts and good intentions. And we've forgotten to grow old within this body made of ash and broken hopes. 

We always end where we began, and in losing hope, we've lost our affection. Relent, and pull back your disguise. I will do my best to shield your innocence. 

Afraid to call on you now, what is it that I must say? We all have hidden away. The night will give a second chance to come out. 

If I call out to you now, I now know what I must say. "You can hide in my eyes. the night is ever-present there."

At The End Of It All

 Pale eyes upon are me.

Pale skin is all I know. 

It wraps it's arms around me, and embraces me in the undertow. 

Wide eyes are all I see, fixated all on me. We barely live enough to breathe. It pulls me underneath the sea. 

And I keep holding on.