"Amplifiers transcends typical notions of listening to music simply for pleasure – their music is an experience." - Camden Coppelli

"...The band’s Formations EP showcases the perfect medium between layered 90s midwest dream pop with post-rock’s dimensional focus. The vocals of frontman Si Lewis coalesce perfectly with the band’s signature blissful noise landscapes creating a juxtaposed patchwork of 90s nostalgia and progressive power and energy..." - YoungstownRock.com

"...has a sound that's churny, yet emotive..." - DOOM! Magazine

"Amplifiers is a unique band whose music is mostly instrumental with the occasional lyrics per song. Its instrumentals mirror some ‘90s rock and possess a darker sound that has the potential to evoke somber emotion as you listen." - Point Park Globe

"...This will inevitably be a revival to the pop punk and hardcore saturated regional scenes. A breath of fresh air from layered atmospheric music that moves one without catchy choruses and breakdowns. “Everything Obsolete,” is an amalgamation of post-rock styling, with hard-hitting alternative rock roots." - Likes For Locals Music Blog

"...The band runs the gamut from epic instrumental rock to earnest rockers and post-hardcore-style stuff that highlights Lewis' powerful vocals." - Pittsburgh City Paper

"All together, Everything Obsolete is an introspective journey that is well complete with clear production, excellent songwriting capabilities and most importantly, the instrumentation. This instrumentation on Everything Obsolete is the key element to pay attention to and focus on. Instrumentation is everything, but obsolete, on Everything Obsolete.” - Youngstownrock.com

"... Since then, it's been working toward the new full-length 'Everything Obsolete,' which showcases the band's muscular alt-rock sound over 13 cinematic songs." - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"If you keep an open mind, you will see that Amplifiers takes deep to a new level. The time and creativity put into this album is more than respectable. Taking influences from 90s alternative, indie/post rock, and experimental rock, they have shined a new light on all of us. They’ll overwhelm your senses and make you feel whole again."  - Altrocklive.com

"...There is so much amazing music coming out of the Pittsburgh area as of late, and Amplifiers is a huge part of this rise. As a local musician myself, I can’t help but think of how high the bar has just been risen by this album. These are humble men in this band, but let’s be honest, these four guys have made a perfect album. Many records in my collection have just become, well, obsolete." - ThePittsburghScene.com